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What can I do with Prezi for iPad?

David Hooker
posted this on October 11, 2012, 04:08

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Prezi for iPad is a wonderful way to view and present your prezis. And with the release of the latest version, there is now a lot more you can do with Prezi for iPad other than just viewing a prezi. It does not have all the features of the online editor or Prezi for Windows and Mac, but there is still a great deal that you can do. 


You CAN:

  • Create new prezis - Note, that you will not be able to create a path for a newly created prezi on your iPad. To create a path for the prezi that you have created on your iPad, log onto Prezi online editor or use Prezi for Windows and Mac.
  • View and edit your existing prezis. 
  • Download prezis to your iPad ready to view off-line.
  • Add images and photos. 
  • Share your prezis.
  • Open hyperlinks.
  • Hide navigation buttons (particularly useful if you are presenting from your iPad).
  • Set your prezi to autoplay. 
  • View embedded prezis on an iPad via the Prezi for iPad app (as long as they were embedded after the technology to do this was created).


Currently, you cannot:

Add to or edit the path of your prezi.

Add elements other than text or images. This includes videos and sound.  


For more on how to do all of these things, please check out our manual pages for Prezi for the iPad here

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