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The basics of the Prezi editor

David Hooker
posted this on November 12, 2012, 03:43

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The Prezi editor is the very heart of the Prezi experience, it's the tool that allows you to create wonderful zooming prezis. This article will look at the question - "what do i need to do?" so that so you can get to know the editor and all its possibilities.

The Prezi editor was created with ease of use in mind, and has a carefully selected and developed set of tools that help you to develop and communicate your ideas. The key interface components of the editor are:


Zoomable Prezi Canvas. Place your texts, images, and videos here on the Prezi canvas. You can make them as large or small as you want, and then use Prezi to help you navigate between them.

Top Menu

  • Left-hand side - From here, you can: present your prezi, save the prezi you are working on, undo your most recent action, or redo something that you just undid. 
  • Center - Find all the tools you need to create prezi presentations.
  • Right-hand side - These buttons give you access to Prezi Meeting, sharing options, and help, as well as the option to exit (this will also save) your current Prezi session. 



  • Transformation Tool. This simple tool lets you easily manipulate objects on the zoomable space. Use the Tool to increase and decrease the size of any selected object or text. 



  • Text Boxes. Use these to write and stylize your text. You can click the 'Themes' button on the top menu and then 'Customize current theme' to bring up the Theme Wizard, which will allow you to edit your text choices in more detail. 


  • Home & Zoom Buttons. Zoom in and out, or get an overview by clicking the home button.




  • Left SidebarHere you can navigate a sequential journey through your prezi canvas




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