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3D Backgrounds

David Hooker
posted this on November 14, 2012, 07:06

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A 3D background is a fantastic way to to add greater depth to background images and enhance the visual experience of your prezi. Check out the video below to see how it works:



Take a look at this prezi to see how a single background image looks with the 3D effect applied.

When you add an image using this feature, the 3D effect is handled automatically. Prezi creates a parallax motion for the 3D background image when you move around. The picture will adjust itself to your path and zoom settings, so no additional adjustments are needed.

Creating a 3D background from a single image: 

1. Bring up the Theme Wizard by clicking on the 'Themes' button from the top menu and selecting 'Customize Current Theme...'. 



2. Click on the 3D Background 'Upload' button and upload the image you wish to use as your 3D background. 


3. Select 'Done' to exit the Theme Wizard.  


Adding Multiple 3D Backgrounds:

You can add up to three background layers into your prezi. The images will cross fade as you zoom in and out of your prezi. Check out this prezi to see how it looks.


To create a prezi with multiple 3D backgrounds, follow the steps below:

1. Bring up the Theme Wizard (see the steps above for how to do this).


2. Choose the 'Advanced' option within the Theme Wizard.

3. Select the 3D Background 'Edit' button.


4. Upload the images you wish to use.


5. Select 'Done' and exit the Theme Wizard.

Note: You can return to the Theme Wizard and delete or replace your 3D background images at any time.

  • Prezi currently supports JPG and PNG formats.
  • For optimal results, a background image should be at least 3000 pixels wide.  
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