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Frames (Slides)

David Hooker
posted this on November 13, 2012, 03:49

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Frames are a key component of the Prezi experience. Some other well-known pieces of software may call them "Slides", but as Prezi uses a 3D canvas, we decided to call them something else. 

To know more, you can look through the prezi below for an introduction, or continue to more detailed instructions


Creating frames:

1. Click on 'Frames & Arrows' from the top menu.


2. From here you can select the kind of frame you would like to add from the list, or simply click 'Insert Frames...'.

3. After selecting 'Insert Frames...', a sidebar will appear allowing you to choose a frame shape and potential layout. Click the icon of your choice to insert that frame into your prezi. 

4. If you prefer to draw a frame directly onto your canvas,  hold down the left mouse button and drag to start drawing a frame.

  • Hold down the SHIFT key while drawing to create frames with 4:3, projector-friendly aspect ratios.
Note: If you create a new frame within another frame that is already part of your path, the new frame will also be added to your path. 

Moving, scaling, and rotating frames and their contents:

  • Moving/scaling/rotating a frame will move/scale/rotate the contents of that frame.
  • To remove an object from a frame, drag the object out of the frame at any time.
  • Hold the ALT key while dragging or clicking on a frame to move, scale, or rotate it separately.
  • Double clicking on a frame will zoom in on the frame.

Invisible frames:

  • Use invisible frames to organize your content without the added visual of a normal frame. This is ideal for highlighting details on a large image or block of text. This makes invisible frames really useful if you want to present your prezi without setting a predefined path.
  • Invisible frames can also be added to your prezi if you click on 'Add current view' when editing your prezi's path. This will generate an invisible frame based on the actual view that is currently filling your screen, and it will also add a step to your path.


Changing the color and shape of frames

You can change the type (shape) of frame by clicking the frame and selecting the circle icon that appears above your selected frame. Clicking this will bring up a drop-down menu of options for you to choose from. See the screenshot below for an example. 

To change the color of a frame, you will need to edit your theme choices from the templates tab on the top menu. You can find more detailed information on how to do this here

Deleting frames

To delete a frame, simply select it and click on 'Delete' from the options that appear on the Transformation Tool

Deleting a frame will delete all the content within it. To delete just the frame, click the frame delete button to the left of the delete button. 

Note: to select a frame before deleting it, make sure that you are zoomed our far enough to view the whole frame. 


Making Frames the same size 

The easiest way to create a frame that is the same size as an existing frame is to use the ctrl+D (cmd+D) keyboard shortcut. This keyboard shortcut will duplicate any content. For more on keyboard shortcuts, click here


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