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Inserting video files (including from YouTube)

David Hooker
posted this on November 18, 2012, 08:06

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You can insert the following video file formats into a prezi (using both the online editor and Prezi for Windows and Mac):


Note: The AVI format can sometimes cause difficulties when used with Prezi. You may find that this format works occasionally, but we do not suggest using AVI with Prezi.  
Check out this video to learn how you can insert a video: 

How it works: 

Prezi has a built-in, standalone video player for all of the video formats listed above. After uploading a video, you can control the playback using the navigation bar when presenting.

You can also add videos directly to your path. In this case, videos will start automatically when you reach the point in your presentation that you have placed them. They will stop playing as you move along your path.

How to insert a video file into a prezi:

  • Select 'Insert' from the top menu. 
  • If you want to upload from your computer's hard drive, select 'From File...' and browse to the location of the file that you want to upload. 


  • To insert a video from YouTube, select 'YouTube video...' and then paste the video's URL into the window that appears. 



  • Note: You can also add a YouTube video to your prezi by pasting the URL into a text box. 
  • Note: When inserting a YouTube video, you will need an active Internet connection to play the video when presenting. 

Once you have inserted the file into prezi, you can manipulate it using the Transformation Tool just as you would with an image file.  

Note: If you experience problems with video uploads, please try converting the file to the FLV format. This is the format that works best in our experience.

To convert a video file to this format you will need to use video conversion software. Many free and paid-for packages exist. is an example of a free online video convertor.


Note: When presenting a video in Present Mode, if you don't wish to see a play progress bar at the bottom of your video, make sure that your mouse pointer is at the side of the screen. 


Notes If you want your video file to loop, you will need to convert it into an SWF file. 

Further Notes: 

-  An F4V file is simply an FLV Flash video file that has been renamed to F4V. The F4V and FLV formats are MPEG-4 video formats defined by Adobe Systems.

- File size limit for video uploads:

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