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Inserting SWF files

David Hooker
posted this on November 18, 2012, 09:02

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SWF files are vector-based graphics produced in Adobe Flash or Illustrator.

They are not pixel based, which means they will remain sharp no matter how much you zoom in on them - so they look great in prezis.

You can import them just as you would an image file (from file...) by clicking on 'Insert', selecting 'From file...', and then browsing to the location of the SWF file that you want to import. 

It is best to use SWF files exported from Adobe Flash. Adobe Illustrator exports non standard SWF graphics, which can cause some issues with the Path tool in Prezi.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to insert a SWF file:


How to make SWF files using Flash:

1. Create a drawing in Flash.
2. Select your full drawing (SHIFT+drag with the left mouse button), right-click and select 'Convert to Symbol'.
3. Give your symbol a name and click 'OK'.
4. Right-click your symbol in the Library window (Window/Library) and click 'Export SWF', then select an export path.
5. Load this file into Prezi as you would with any other image file.


Note: Adding SWF files that contain actionscript code or animation are NOT supported by Prezi.  

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