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Setting your prezi's path (adding a slide)

David Hooker
posted this on November 18, 2012, 06:01

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When presenting on a stage, it can sometimes help to have a narrative that carries your audience through your prezi. With the Path tool, you can present the elements in your prezi in an order that you set.

Check out this tutorial to learn how you can create your path:

Creating a path

  • In Edit Mode, zoom out until you see the objects you wish to add to your path. You can do this quickly by selecting the home button as it appears on the right-hand side or by clicking the thumbnail above your path on the left-hand side. 
  • Click the 'Edit Path' icon on the Left Sidebar.


  • Click on your objects in the order you wish to present them.
  • A thumbnail will be added to the Left Sidebar on the left side of your screen each time that you click on something. 


  • To delete a path step, hover over the top-right edge of a thumbnail to bring up a red "X" button. Click on it to remove that path point. 


  • Drag and drop your thumbnails within the sidebar to rearrange the order of your path.
  • Choose 'Add current view' to capture the view currently filling your screen and add it to the end of your path.
  • Select 'Clear all' to remove all path points from your narrative. 

Alternatively, you can add objects to your path by clicking and dragging the relevant + icon (you'll find these + icons beside the numbers that represent the steps of your path) to the object you want to add to your path. These can only be seen once you have clicked on 'Edit Path' from the Left Sidebar as shown above. If you want to make an item of content the second step on your path, you should click and drag the + that is located after the 1 that appears on your canvas. To make an item the third step, you should drag the + icon next to the number 2 and so on. 



 Presenting your path

Click 'Present' to view your path in full in Present mode.


Tips: As well as clicking the left and right arrows that appear at the base of your screen in Present mode, you can also use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows on your keyboard, or a remote clicker to move back and forth through your prezi path. 

Depart from your path at any time by either zooming in and out, or by panning across your canvas. Resume your path by clicking an arrow, tapping a key, or pushing the appropriate button on your clicker.

Note: If you create a new frame within another frame that is already part of your path, the new frame will also be added to your path.

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