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Smart zooming

David Hooker
posted this on November 19, 2012, 07:17

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Smart Zooming is a useful feature within Prezi that allows you to smoothly navigate through your prezi's path. Smart Zooming works in Present mode, and helps you find your way around the canvas. This feature has two elements: zoom in on an object and zoom out to a set distance.

Zooming in on an object:

When you click on an object in Present mode, Prezi finds the best possible view for that specific object: it will bring the object fully into view, center it, and rotate your view to match the rotation of the object. Watch it in action here in this prezi below, try to click on the different frames, texts and objects - start with the left circle. 

Smart zoom out:

Smart zoom out lets you zoom one step further away from your current view when you have a hierarchy of frames within your prezi. One step further away means the closest frame that is larger than the frame currently in focus. You can also see how this works in the prezi above: this time start with the circle on the right side.

The final outward zoom will always take you to a complete overview of your prezi. There is also a keyboard shortcut that enables you to quickly reach this view: press ctrl+SPACE on your keyboard to activate the shortcut. 

Note that this feature doesn't need a path, all the animation used for transitioning from one state to another is built into Prezi. You can use these features even during a live presentation, giving you the advantage of moving away from a preset route and letting you immediately react to your audience.

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