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Keyboard shortcuts

David Hooker
posted this on December 14, 2012, 01:38

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If you want to zoom around the Prezi canvas with your keyboard you can use the shortcut keys.

Most shortcuts in Prezi are single stroke, which means there is no need to press any additional modifier keys (Alt, Ctrl, Command, etc.).
Please note: shortcuts are turned off by default, click on the options tab in the top right corner of the Prezi Editor and click 'On' to enable them.


Editing Shortcuts

  • F - Draw frame, press again to change frame type (bracket, circle, rectangle or hidden)
  • L - Load a file on your canvas (image, pdf, video, swf)
  • S - Draw a shape, press again to change shape type (arrow, line, rectangle, circle, triangle)
  • P - Go to Path mode
  • 1 - Zoom in
  • 2 - Zoom out
  • 3 - Rotate clockwise
  • 4 - Rotate counter clockwise
  • Delete, Backspace - Delete selected object(s)
  • Left, Right, Up, Down - Move the selection 1 pixels
  • SHIFT + Left, Right, Up, Down - Move the selection 10 pixels
  • CTRL + S - Save prezi
  • CTRL + Z - Undo last action
  • CTRL + Y - Redo last undone action
  • CTRL + D - Duplicate selected object(s)
  • CTRL + C - Copy selected object(s)
  • CTRL + V - Paste copied object(s)
  • CTRL + SHIFT + M - Toggle screen ratio between the values: 4:3, 16:9, and off.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + C - Opens the Prezi CSS editor.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + D - Duplicates and flips your content, creating a mirrored version of your content (works for images and arrows but not text).
  • Esc (Escape key) - Finish current action or close open dialog
  • Space - Enters Present mode

Presenting Shortcuts

  • Right, Left - Move Forward and Back along the Path
  • Up, Down - Smart Zoom in or out
  • B - Blackout the screen (move your mouse or press any other key to go back to presenting)
  • Space -  Advance along the path (only in Present mode fullscreen)
  • PageUp, PageDown - Move Forward and Back along the Path (not in full screen)
  • Escape - End presentation

Alternatively use the prezi below to check the available shortcut keys in Prezi. Click the green buttons to find out more.




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