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posted this on November 6, 2013, 01:58

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 To create text:

  • In Edit mode, click anywhere on the canvas to create text. You will see a flashing cursor on your screen indicating that you can begin to write text. New text will appear in a text box like this one:


  • You can change the size of the box by clicking and dragging the circle at the bottom-right corner of the text box.


  • To change the size of the text itself, click on the text sizing buttons above the text box. Alternatively, use the Transformation Tool tool to size your text however you want. Note: there are no numeric values attributed to text sizes in Prezi.


  • Note: the size of the text box, not the size of the text itself, will define the area to which prezi zooms when in Present mode. If you want your text to fill the screen, make sure it is a similar size to the box that surrounds it.   
  • To change between Title, Subtitle, and Body fonts/colors, use the font style buttons above the text box.


  • To make your text bold or italic, click the B or I button. 


  • For more information on how to edit the fonts and colors of your Title, Subtitle, and Body texts, click here.  
  • Click the text color icon to open the color palette and chose a color for your text.


  • Click the arrow at the extreme right of the text box to bring up other options. These options include: adding bullets to your text, aligning your text, adding a background color to your text, and indenting lines of text. 



  • You can also select single or multiple lines of text and drag them out of the existing text box. They will then form a new text box of their own. To do this, grab and drag the icon that appears to the left of your text box.  


Note: You can only have one style of text (Title, Subtitle, Body) per text box. However, it is possible to have one than one color in a text box. 

To Edit Existing Text:

  • You can use the copy/paste feature to bring text over from other programs. 
  • While editing a textbox, press ctrl+A to select all, ctrl+C to copy, or ctrl+V to paste text (Mac users should use the 'command' key instead of ctrl).
Note: When you open a Prezi Template, you may see some preexisting text boxes. To delete these, group select them, and then click 'delete'.
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