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Prezi for Windows / Mac Release Notes

David Hooker
posted this on January 15, 2013, 03:18

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The latest Prezi Desktop version is available for download here.
Version history for Prezi Desktop:

Prezi desktop Application Release Notes 

Prezi for Windows / Mac 5.0.10 & 5.0.11 (Windows & Mac)

Fixed problems with the application quitting or freezing unexpectedly
New faster home screen
Fixed installation issues

Prezi for Windows / Mac 5.0.9 (Windows & Mac)

Fixed installation issue
Fixed logo upload problem
Prezis now remain editable during upload
Stability improvements

Prezi for Windows / Mac 5.0.8 (Windows & Mac)

Home screen now available in German
Stability improvements

Prezi for Windows / Mac 5.0.7 (Windows & Mac)

New themes are now available in Prezi for Win/Mac.
You can easily switch back from Present Mode to the editor. 
On Korean and Japanese versions, prezis can be opened as quickly as other language versions.
Stability improvements.
LinkedIn log in feature removed. 

Prezi for Windows / Mac 5.0.6 (Windows & Mac)

You can now make copies of your prezis directly from your desktop.
You can now get the URL for all your prezis that are synced with directly from the desktop application.
You can now rename a prezi simply by clicking on its title.

Prezi for Windows / Mac 5.0.5 (Windows & Mac)

New improved sidebar design
Open PEZ files with a double-click straight from your computer
Stability improvements
Bug fixes

Prezi for Windows / Mac 5.0.4 (Windows & Mac)

Prezi Desktop has been renamed and is now simply, Prezi!
There is now a prezi folder hidden in the background where we store all of your prezis. This means that you no longer need to manage PEZ files when working with your prezis.
View all of your prezis on the new home screen. 
You can download prezis you have created from and upload them automatically after editing
Import previous PEZ files.
Option to sync PEZ files with your online Prezi account.

Prezi Desktop 4.7.6 (Windows & Mac)

Create prezis with bold and italic text. 

Prezi Desktop 4.7.5 (Windows & Mac)

View prezis with bold and italic text. 

Prezi Desktop 4.7.4 (Windows & Mac)

New image sidebar is now available with Prezi Desktop.

Prezi Desktop 4.7.3 (Windows & Mac)

Fixed an known issue with Korean and Japanese text input. 

Prezi Desktop 4.7.2 (Windows & Mac)

You can now log in to Prezi Desktop with LinkedIn.

Prezi Desktop 4.7.1 (Windows & Mac)

You can now log into Prezi Desktop with Facebook.

Prezi Desktop 4.7.0 (Windows & Mac)

New supported languages: French, German, and Portuguese

Prezi Desktop 4.6.2 (Windows & Mac)

New Features:

New templates

Symbols are now available offline

Chinese and Thai themes

Presenter view removed

Prezi Desktop 4.5.1 (Windows & Mac)

New Features:

Even more diagrams added. 


Improved uploading to 

Prezi Desktop 4.4 (Windows & Mac)

New Features:

My Collection: Collect content in your own library to use again later (does not currently synchronize with online collection).
Greater customization for themes


Increased reliability when uploading to

Prezi Desktop 4.3 (Windows & Mac)

New Features:

New transformation tool for selecting, manipulating, and editing text, images, and other content
Sound editing: Add voice-overs, music, or sound to your prezis. Attach sound files to path steps or set them as a looping background track  
New simplified top menu
Every theme now supports fonts for your language of choice
The ability to change the existing template of a prezi (Templification)


Increased stability


Prezi Desktop 4.2.1 (Windows & Mac)


Compatibility with prezis that contain sound

Prezi Desktop 4.2.0 (Windows & Mac)

New Features:

An astonishing collection of new templates


Improved stability
No more security warnings during Windows install

Prezi Desktop 4.1.1 (Mac)


Fixed issue with auto-update functionality

Prezi Desktop 4.1.0 (Windows & Mac)

New Features:

Windows installer is available in the following languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Prezi Desktop now supports the following languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Choose your preferred language from the Settings › Language menu
All themes support text input for your chosen language


Certain features are not available when offline (eg. uploading a prezi to, their availability now reflects the current status of your Internet connection
Fixed bug: The exit from presentation button failed to auto-hide

Prezi Desktop 4.0.4 (Windows)


Fixed bug: Presenter View sometimes stays open on screen if the main window is closed while presenting
Fixed bug: Exit from presentation button remained visible on template selection screen
Fixed bug: Rendering of animated groups in Presenter View

Prezi Desktop 4.0.2 (Mac)


Fixed bug: Presenter View sometimes stays open on screen if the main window is closed while presenting
Fixed bug: Exit from presentation button remained visible on template selection screen
Fixed bug: Rendering of animated groups in Presenter View

Prezi Desktop 4.0.3 (Windows)


Fixed an installer issue which resulted in Prezi Desktop starting after every restart for some Windows users

Prezi Desktop 4.0.1 (Mac)


Fixed several minor issues

Prezi Desktop 4.0.0 (Windows & Mac)

New features:

New, cleaner, simpler interface to edit your prezis.
Use Presenter View for added comfort and confidence while presenting


Multiple window support: open multiple prezis at once in separate windows
Simplified distribution with the Mac standard DMG format

Prezi Desktop 3.090 (Windows & Mac)

New features:

Blackout your screen while presenting by pressing B. More on shortcuts
Add 3D backgrounds to your prezis
New templates and themes

Prezi Desktop 3.087 (Windows & Mac)

New features:

Add fade-in animation to reveal your content with a transition
Group objects together

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