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PowerPoint Import

David Hooker
posted this on March 25, 2013, 07:32

Just a moment...

Import your PowerPoint slides into Prezi, one at a time or all at once, with or without a path, using just a few clicks.

Note: If you are using Prezi for Windows or Mac, you will need an active connection to the Internet in order to use the import PowerPoint feature. 

How to insert your PowerPoint slides:

  • Select ‘Insert’ from the top menu and then 'PowerPoint...' when in Edit Mode


  • Choose the PPT or PPTx file you want to import. After a brief loading process, Prezi will preview all of the slides for you in panel on the right-hand side of the screen. 


  • You can now drag and drop individual slides from the sidebar onto your prezi canvas. 
  • You can also multi select slides with shift and double click to insert them onto your prezi canvas
  • Alternatively, you can click 'Insert All...' to bring all of your slides into your prezi at the same time. 
  • If you choose this option, you will be asked to set a template for your slides. 


  • You can also choose to add a path between each imported slide. Check the box next to 'Add a path between your slides' to set a path for your slides. 


  • The path will follow the same sequence as your slides in PowerPoint, so your first slide will become your first path step in prezi and so on depending on the number of slides you have. 
  • If you chose to import all slides at once, they will appear within a frame on your prezi canvas. Use the hand icon in the center of the frame to move all the slides around the canvas. Click the green check icon to approve the import. Alternatively, you can select the red X icon to cancel the import and start the process again. 


When you have finished importing everything you want from your PowerPoint file, click the X icon at the top-left-corner of the sidebar to finish the import session. A confirmation message will appear, simply select 'Close import' to finish the import session. 


Note: The formatting of the content you import is dependent on both the prezi template and theme that you choose. Your theme choice will set the colors and font choices of your prezi. This includes all content that is imported from a PowerPoint presentation. For more detail on editing your theme, click here. For more information on templates, click here.

Note: Prezi doesn't support certain text editing elements that are present in applications such as PowerPoint, therefore it follows that some of the formatting of some slides will not exactly match the slide's original formatting. Similarly, any fade-in animations created in PowerPoint will not be present in your prezi (the objects will appear, but they will not be animated). 
Note for Prezi for Windows Mac users: The import PowerPoint feature is available as part of Prezi for Windows and Mac, however, the process requires an active Internet connection (as the conversion process is quite complex and occurs online). Therefore, please ensure you are connected to the Internet before attempting to convert a PowerPoint file. 
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