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Getting to know the editor

The editor is where you start building your presentation. It was intuitively designed to give users and team members ease in creation and collaboration.

Editor overview

The editor comes with two important toolbars. Use the top toolbar to add content to your presentation. The context toolbar allows you to edit elements of your presentation and changes depending on what you select.

Whether you use Prezi Next online or the desktop app, the experience is mostly the same. The slight difference is the app menu located at the very top of your screen in the desktop app. You can use the app menu instead of the top toolbar as an alternative way to add content.




Use the top toolbar and context toolbar to build and navigate your presentation.

Top toolbar

From this toolbar you can see the sync status of your presentation, add content, view comments, present or view your presentation, start a live presentation, share your presentation, and see the number of collaborators.

Context toolbars

The context toolbar allows you to edit the background, add animations, and comment.

Depending on what you select, you can also use it to edit topic and subtopic covers, change presets, edit text, and adjust lines and arrows.

The left sidebar allows you to add topics and subtopics to your presentation. It also provides a preview of the order your content will appear and automatically changes to show where you are in your presentation's structure.

Click on a thumbnail to navigate to specific content, or click and drag to reorder your topics and subtopics.

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